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Four touches in a text gets you h-e-r-e. Four touches in Tag In sends a quick message and your GPS location to your friends, family and colleagues - even if they don't have a smart phone or the Tag In app. It's the fastest and easiest way to let anyone and everyone know exactly where 'here' is. With Tag In, don't just send a message. Let them know where you are.


  • Quick MessagesForget typing! Save time with a series of messages that you can send over and over again.

  • Send Your Current LocationTag In gives 'here' a whole new meaning. By enabling the app to use your current location, you can let your friends, family and colleagues know exactly where you are at the touch of a button.

  • Contact the Whole GroupWant to send the same message to multiple people? Done. With "My Groups" you can create a set of contacts and connect with them all in just four touches.

Download Tips

From your Android:

  1. Search for "Tag In" in Android Market
  2. Select the app
  3. Click 'install'
  4. Once downloaded, the Tag In by AllstateTM icon will appear
    in your applications tab. Available for Android 2.1 or later.
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